Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Birthday Wish For My Little Sister

Today is my youngest child's birthday. Sarah turned 11 today. My oldest daughter Ruth wrote a special birthday tribute to her. I thought I'd post it here and share this special bond between 2 sisters that are 8 years apart.

(Psssst!! Read this to Sarah) =)
Happy Birthday Little Sister! Well, I guess you are that little anymore huh? 11 years old. Girl, you're getting old! But as beautiful as ever (we can thank Mom for those cute genes she gave us ;)
I remember when Mom and Dad brought you home from the hospital. You were so small and fragile and cute. And I wanted to be their little helper, so I picked you up and carried you to their room to give you a bath....of course I must have done something wrong because Mom and Dad started to freak out when they looked up and saw me holding you. It was all a blur, but I remember hearing that I wasn't holding you up right, or that I could have dropped you, etc. Afterwards when they saw me balling my eyes out in my room, they came in and explained how important is was that I was careful when I held you. Sarah, when I picked you up for the first time that day, my heart jumped. Here was my sister. I wanted to talk to you, and wanted to show you how to do things. I wanted to be the best big sister for you.
And day after day, I would come and check on EVERY time you were sleeping just to watch you breathe. I would sit there for the longest periods of time watching you open your mouth, and turn over in your basinette. I would pat your back when you woke up, and fix the little strands of hair on your head so you would stay looking like an angel while you slept.
I remember wanting to always be the one who fed you. Sarah, there were days though that I wanted to just put your baby food on the counter and walk away! You would spit it right out and smile. Like you knew that I didn't want you to do that, and it was a game. I laugh now because of how cute I remember you being.
Even when you got a little older, and you started to get really bossy, I still loved you.
And then I went off to college. And it didn't hit me until the day before I left that you really loved me too. You cried, and that made me cry. Being away from home this last year was really hard. I missed out on watching you go from being a little girl to being an almost (and I mean almost because you are not grown yet!) pre-teen.
But I'm so glad to have you nearby. I love hanging out with you, laughing, tickling (even though I say I don't like to be tickled), joking and making fun of the boys, swimming, watching a movie and eating popsicles. I love spending time with you.
So! All of that is to say that I am thinking about you today. It's your special day and I hope it is extra special for you =)
Happy 11th Birthday Sarah Esther King =)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Prayer For Homekeepers

Humbly I bow before You Father
On my bended knees I pray.
Matters of my heart are many, I have so much to say.
Encouragement my sister she needs,
Keeping her home with a family she feeds.
Embracing the changes occurring in her life,
Everyday she's serving as a mother and trying to be a virtuous wife.
Please Lord give her the strength to endure,
Even in her darkest hour You're there for sure.
Remind her of the great job she's doing,
Still on today Lord, let her hear You wooing.

By: Sandra King
Written on January 11, 2005

There are times I've neglected the most important relationship in my life. My relationship with the Lord. No, I haven't fallen off the band wagon or ran away from home to go find myself. But, as a keeper of my home, my days are filled with the many tasks that are set before me. I'll admit that days have gone by without me stopping to talk with the Lord. What I mean is, I can go without days going into my prayer closet. That secret place where I can just pour my love on the Lord.

When my husband makes a request for me to spend time with him, I'm quick to respond to his needs. What about the Lord? I must take the time to spend and go into that secret place. How can I do that with the kids and my husband wanting my full undivided attention? Let's not forget the house that needs to be tended to and meals that need to be prepared.

This morning I went to that secret place. Although physically I didn't go, but my heart was there. While making blueberry muffins and eggs this morning, my heart just became full. Full of love for my Heavenly Father who just wanted to talk to me even in the midst of making breakfast for my family. I stopped for just a quick minute and shared with the Lord out of a heart with gratitude. So much gratitude that words of expression couldn't flow from my lips. God knew that my words were few, but the tears were many. Expressions from a heart so in love with Him. Not only for what He has done, but for who He is.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Getting Settled

On June 30th we set out on a new adventure. We were so excited because it meant that things had fallen into place for the move. We were transitioning from Idaho to the state of Washington.

On June 29th, we started loading the big yellow Penske truck. We were so blessed to have people there to help us, especially the teenagers that had frequented our home on many occasions. It was bitter sweet for me. I love the people in Idaho and will never forget them. Some friendships that were made there will last a lifetime.

We love our new place. It's better than I could have possibly imagined. Don had talked to me about what we could afford before I started looking. In the back of my mind I was thinking, "It sure would be nice if he could add a little more $$$ to that figure." He expressed his desire to continue having me keeping our home and being here with the kids even though they are getting older. As always I trust my husband because I know he will always do what's best for us. I wanted to honor him and my Lord by coming under his submission.

God came through in a big way for me. We found this place by "accident" but we know it was God ordained. It's only 2 years old. In a gated community. On the very outskirts of town which is where we wanted to be. Granite counter tops with stainless steel appliances with tile flooring. The balcony is to die for with a view of beautiful evergreen trees. They painted accent walls with the colors of my choice. There's a pool and a gym. This place will be our home for the next year at least.

So we are getting settled. I can finally see the carpet on the floor. The boxes are quickly vanishing away. My kitchen is as cute a button with all my cow stuff and farm animals. I love walking by the curio cabinet and looking at my collection of porcelain dolls. I love this place and I'm content with the simple things in life.

Throughout this time I learned that by honoring my husband, God will honor me with the desires of my heart. I'm constantly redoing this lesson over and over again. Maybe it's because submission is not an easy thing to do. I have to deny my flesh sometimes and not tell the brother what I really think. So that means I have to watch my tongue and guard my heart. When I speak words, whether good or bad, they go into eternity and I can't take them back. I want the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart to be acceptable in His sight.