About Me

I am the wife and best friend to the love of my life and “king” of my home, Don. I'm the proud mom of their five amazing “world changer” children. Each one beautifully gifted by God and actively walking out their faith to touch and impact others for Christ. I'm also the proud grandma to the cutest grandbabies, Michael and Gabriel.

I'm the owner and writer of Love Abounds at Home. Love Abounds at Home is a blog ministry dedicated to encouraging and building women in their roles as Godly wives, mothers and homemakers. As a mother and a wife, creating a sacred refuge for my family to reside fuels my passion to be a woman truly living out Proverbs 31 & Titus 2. I'm also passionate about seeing other women walk in the fulfillment and contentment of being the women God has adorned them to be.

My first ministry is to my home. I'm walking out my calling daily as I minister to my family, setting a Godly example for women to come.

I come from a place of humility, love, truth and transparency allowing others to clearly see Christ in me. I hope to bring a message of hope, restoration and reconciling women to their roles as Proverbs 31 women. I pray that I can speak a word of encouragement that it is possible to be all that God has called and created you to be in the beauty of womanhood, mothering and homemaking.

My passions include my family, sewing, baking, reading and watching "Little House on The Prairie" –which I has seen every episode of. I can also do a pretty mean electric slide.

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Linda Robinson said...

Sandra, this is truly a blessing and good work for other women to model after. When they see you, they will see Christ as they read and hear what He has done for you. God's favor and divine blessings be upon your blog and everything He has purposed you do.

Love and Blessings!