Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Domestic Tranquility

My home is all decorated for Christmas and I've been working on several projects. Each time I try and finish one, I start another one. Today, as I sat there at the kitchen table sewing an apron for a friend, something hit me. My home was so peaceful.

It was far from quiet. There were numerous sounds through out my home today. The washing machine which has the tendency to get louder and louder each day. Maybe I would too if I was being used for the fifth time before noon. Sarah sitting at the table with me cracking jokes as usual. One of my sons come through talking about the latest thing happening in his life. My sewing machine humming away with each step on the pedal. In the midst of it all, it's peaceful here.

Peaceful should be at least one of the words we use to describe our homes. With so many homes today in disarray, it can get discouraging at times. It's during those times that we have to remember who called us to do the job we are doing in our homes.

Being a keeper of the home is so valuable. In order for us to win the war against the declination of the family structure, the battles have to be won in our homes. Some days, the feeling of facing another battle can be overwhelming. It's on those days when we put our armor on and fight. When we fight, we don't play patty-cake with the adversary. We fight as if our lives and the lives of our families depend on it.

Peace is something that can be obtained in our homes. Look around your home. Look at your family. Look at yourself in the mirror. Tell yourself that peace in your home is worth having. Something that's worth having is worth fighting for.