Tuesday, April 14, 2009

In Memory of Isaac the Iron

After all these years that Isaac and I have been together, he decided to die on me. I couldn't believe that he had the nerves to do that at a time when I needed him the most. Why couldn't he just hang on for a few more weeks? For my sake and the sake of my family's clothes. Didn't he realize how much I needed him today?

I know I may have had a strange way of showing my appreciation for Isaac. I left him on for hours at a time. I didn't do it on purpose. I was in a rush. Now it's too late for me to apologize to him for all the head trauma I caused him by dropping him on the floor. I should have picked him up and comforted him, but instead I just kept walking. He was thirsty and wanted to blow off some steam, but I never gave him any water. I thought maybe he'd just be a man and suck it up. I thought he liked all the starch I would put on the clothes. He would just sear on contact, so I didn't bother cleaning his plate from all the black goo. Now it's time for me to let him rest in peace.

He deserves a decent memorial service, but I may be the only one in attendance. You see, my family didn't know Isaac. They've seen him, but never bothered to develop a relationship with him. Maybe if they had taken the time to get to know him, Isaac would still be alive. Maybe if they knew how much I used and depended on Isaac for my sake and theirs, they would have had compassion on him. That's okay because at least I was here during his final moments.

Isaac's death will not be in vain. Before the actual memorial service, I will go to WalMart and get one of his relatives and bring him or her home to say a final farewell to Isaac.

The picture above reminds me of the earlier days when I first met Isaac. He was so full of joy and longevity was his promise to me. I just made a final promise to Isaac. I promise to take care of his relative that will be coming to live with me soon. I will keep his relative clean and give him or her water. Most of all, I will introduce his relative to all my other family members.


Tawanna said...

LOL Loved this post!

Proverbs 27:19 said...


It's just the opposite in our house, I have no relationship with our iron. My husband lovingly takes care of that. I'm happy to walk around wrinkled!


Persuaded said...

what a great post!! seriously, girl you are a gifted writer♥

Deanna said...

Poor poor Isaac...
may he rest in peace.

Civilla said...

That's really funny, Blestshe! You could sell that to a magazine. P.S. I LOVE ironing, but have to admit that I treat my iron the same way. My husband can't understand how anybody could drop an iron, but I do it all the time. I have also committed the unpardonable (in iron land) sin of using tap water in it!

Sharon said...

How funny! Mine doesn't get very much TLC either.

Melissa said...

I'm glad that Isaac is an iron!!!
I missed your adjective that you were gonna use to describe the apron that is featured on my blog today. I didn't make the apron; but I sure do love it!!! The material brings joy to my heart!!!
Ooh.........a mother's love! :D

Please drop by again and leave me your adjective; I was hanging on the word that is missing. ; }

Momofsix said...

This was great.. please be sure to introduce us to Isaac's relative!


Lorrie said...

How cute! This is so funny. Let us know when Isaac's replacement get's here...we'd love to meet him or her.

Cynthia Berenger said...

Very charming, Sandra! You gave me a much-needed chuckle today. You have a way with words.

Agape always,

Melissa Norton said...

LOL. Has Trae and Ben gotten the chance to meet the "new family member"? I'm sure they enjoyed spending "quality time" with him/her!
That's too funny!