Thursday, September 3, 2009

Words of Love

Many people have asked how are we doing with the transition that took place this summer. I noticed in my response, I would use the word "love" a lot. ex: I "love" our new place, I "love" our new church and I "love" Vancouver, etc. But there is one thing that I received this summer that I "love" a lot. It's an older book titled "Words of Love" It's a small book with various quotes about love. It's a Hallmark Editions book and the quotes were selected by Ben Whitley.

I received this book from my Secret Sister. I want to share some quotes from the book. I hope it blesses you the way that it has blessed me. BTW, I "love" Secret Sisters.

The heart that loves is always young. ~ Greek Proverb

The sea has its pearls, The heaven its stars,
But my heart, my heart, My heart has its love ~ Heinrich Heine

If you wish to be loved, love ~ Seneca

'Tis what I love determines how I love. ~ George Eliot

Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind. ~ William Shakespeare

Love is the gentle smile upon the lips of beauty. ~ Kahlil Gibran

A loving heart is the truest wisdom. ~ Charles Dickens


Proverbs 27:19 said...

Interesting, the different perspectives on love.


Anonymous said...

I loved all of those quotes. May I ask what is secret sister?

Well Watered Woman said...

I love this post and just in case you didn't already know, I just love you. You are such an awesome cousin,sister,friend all rolled up in one. I love how you can make me laugh just by saying girl what you doing.

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Hi Sandra, it is my first time here in your blog and I want to say that I enjoyed reading your post. :)

Deanna said...

Blessings to you!