Monday, August 23, 2010

Following him as he pursues Him

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Call me a girl who's living in a fairy tale and I'll tell you that this is reality. Reality is that I have this unquenchable desire for my husband and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I must start off by saying, we are not perfect. Far from it. But there's a love so deep. This love continues to be fueled by the passion we have for God.
I know my fore-mothers are disappointed in my choice of living a "subservient" lifestyle, as they call it. I call it freedom. Freedom to walk in my calling and live my life as a fascinating woman. Not only am I a fascinating woman, as my husband calls me, but I'm fascinated. Fascinated by a man who strong enough to be a man. Yet gentle enough to understand me, a woman. A man who's confident enough in who he is as man by encouraging me to be a woman.
As a woman, God places such a high value on me. God said it wasn't good for my husband to be alone. He values me, a woman, so much that He created me to be a helpmeet to my husband. Now if being a helper makes a woman subservient in the eyes of some, so be it. Although, I must confess.....I love being a helpmeet to my husband.
I love waking up in the morning thinking of ways I can help my husband's day go better.

Since I'm confessing stuff, I must confess that I pick up my husbands dirty clothes off the floor. I know he's a big boy, but I love to take a whiff of his shirts after a hard days work. He smells so manly.
I must confess that I plan my meals around the foods he likes. There's no better sound in the world to me than my man grunting while eating a delicious meal I've prepared.
I must confess that my body doesn't belong to me and I've freely given it to him. With a smile on my face too. Oh how I love reaping the benefits. Freely give. Freely you shall receive.
How my heart aches for women who have good husbands, but chose to believe the lies by our fore-mothers. Our fore-mothers told us to follow no man. There are numerous Godly men who are just waiting for there wives to trust them. I encourage my sisters to follow them as they pursue God. 


Travels With Uncle Sam said...

You sound like a lady in love! What a nice-looking couple you make, and what beautiful children you have. Blessings!

Deanna said...

Dear One,
This post is refreshing for me to read.

So glad I visited with you today and you have shared a beautiful
place to be.

This is precious how you are actively being your husband's wife! Inspiring.


Kela said...

These very words could have been penned by me!
Every aspect! You know...
I'm not understood from "my side". But you know, I'm pleasing to God in serving my husband.

I like your blog tweak! I had JUST put up a pic of my hubby and I on my blog and wanted to use that same portion of Scripture but it wouldn't fit correctly above the picture.

Press on girl and I'm rejoicing with you in this!


Thandi said...

Oh my word, this is amazing.The words of my wedding vows over 7 years ago were "I promise to follow you as you follow God, that our home may be a praise to Him."I am perfectly content doing what God desires me to do.And I'm still in love with my husband.Good on you sis.Thank you for sharing this.

Eden said...

Beautiful post, Sandra! And I love your new blog design. :) Did Ruth set up a blog? Blessings!

Rachelle said...

Thank You for sharing this beautiful post, it too was refreshing to me.
Love ya girl!

Mrs.Rabe said...


What a glorious post! You have a wonderful way of communicating. Thank you for sharing truth on your blog!

SimpleChristianHomemaker II said...

awe you make a beautiful couple!!

Anonymous said...

Amen, that was beautiful.


Mrs. Lindblom said...

Beautiful. I feel much the same way. :)

Simple Christian Homemaker said...

It's so nice to hear from another woman who believes the same as I do. I LOVE being a wife. There are so many blessings in being a godly wife.

Anonymous said...

What you said rebuked me! Do I love my husband? Yes. Do I enjoy serving my husband? Yes. Am I fascinated by and do I enjoy my husband? Uhhh.... Haven't thought about that recently! Today you've encouraged me:
1)to recall the good gift God has given to me in my husband,
2)to communicate to my husband, clearly and frequently, my appreciation for his protection and the many sacrifices he makes for his family AND my enjoyment of his uniqueness, and
3)to thank God for His specific and particular care and wisdom for bringing this man into my life.

Joyfully in Jesus, Mrs. L.

Salehi Family Four said...

Wonderful post!

Marisol. S. said...

amen sister!! I feel the same exact way you do about your hubby!!
I am my beloved and my beloved is mine! I feel so blessed to have been given such a high calling and to be a help meet to such a wonderful man who seeks God daily!!

Thank you for sharing and God bless you and your precious family!!

L.H. said...

Wow. That is so beautiful and encouraging! May God continue to bless your marriage!

Lorrie said...

Wow...what a great post. And your blog is sooooo pretty! I am in need of a makeover myself...but alas...I don't know how you guys all do's so hard to make a blog look great...I am chasing a rabbit..
back to the post at hand...
it is so refreshing to see marriage being lifted up and taking care of our husbands. Truly God is good!
Thanks again for sharing and may God continue to bless your family!

schoolingmommy said...

Beautifully put. It is good to hear. We were raised not to let a man have any power over is a faith with trusting God with anything....HE BLESSES!

Anonymous said...

I am new to your blog but I will definately be back! Thanksyou for being a women of God.Thankyou for being forthright in your beliefs and stating it like it is. It is very refreshing to hear a women who loves being a women...I totally agree with you!! :) Lynn

Lina said...

What a beautiful post! Your writings encourage me so much. I cannot wait to be a wife whose heart's desire is to serve her husband and to do so joyfully!

Have a blessed day :)