Thursday, September 23, 2010

Leave It At the Well

Recently I've been reflecting on the encounter I had with Jesus many years ago. I find myself reading the story about the Samaritan Woman over and over again. Maybe it's because I can relate to her in some way. No, I haven't had five husbands and the man that I'm currently with is my legal husband. I'm referring to living a life of sin.

There was a time in my life when I would sugar coat my sinful past. I never lied about the things I did or didn't do. I just didn't reveal the whole truth. That in itself was sin. I may have been able to fool other people, but I couldn't fool the man who met me at my well. That man is Jesus.

There is one thing I wished I had more in common with the woman at the well. When she left the well, she left all the garbage there with the man that knew everything about her. A man who had become her Savior and redeemed her from a life of shame.

I remember vividly my day at the well. Oh, how my heart was filled with joy because I had received his forgiveness. But forgiving myself and those who hurt me.....I took some of the hurt away with me as I left the well. I heard the sweet voice of Jesus beckoning me to leave it there with Him.....Why didn't I?

I did finally. But it was after years of trial and failure of trying to take care of my own wounds. Only to replace the bandages with the same old dirty bandages from the previous wound. The multiple wounds kept getting reinfected. I would pour my peroxide remedy to get out the yucky stuff. Until I realized it was MY remedy.

Jesus had already given me a remedy to cleanse all my wounds. Just like he told the Samaritan that He would give her living water, that same water He was offering to me.

Maybe you're like me and the Samaritan Woman. You have a questionable past that's hindering you from being the wife and mother that you desire to be. I encourage you to go back the the well and leave everything there.  After you do that, do what the Samaritan Woman did. Go tell everybody about a man who told you about your past and forgave you from the sin you committed and the sin that was committed against you.
John 4:4-22


TMichelle said...

Thank you for this!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Rachelle said...

Thank You! You are always so encouraging to me and pointing me to Jesus. I love you...

janice15 said...

I'm so glad that I have found you. this post is indeed much inspiration for me. I want so much to be clean in front of the Lord Jesus and leave everything at the well not to repeat move forward. at times I get caught up with the same old garbage. I have been single for four years the last relationship being horrible as my others...I at times want a relationship and keep falling into the trap of talking to the wrong man...I start and catch myself... and walk away....but I just want to find enough trust that if the Father see fit he will give me that. I have gotten panic attacks three years ago which make it difficult to get to Church to possibly meet a better man... But encouragement and this post help me see more clearly so I don't mean to put all this on you just share what your post meant to me...which was alot so thank you for sharing love Janice....from a blessed day...newest follower