Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Journey to Simplicity Has Just Become Simpler

I did it! I went 7 days wearing only 7 pieces of clothing. I can't say that it was hard. In some ways it was, but in others, not so much. The word that's most fitting is funny with the "LOL" in caps. There were a few funny moments that I dare not share publicly. None the less, it was surely a journey that I will never forget.

I did however, learn something about myself. It had nothing to do with clothes, but everything to do with something material that up until 3 years ago I didn't have. It's my laptop. Or should I say was my laptop.

For years I longed to have my own laptop. I would literally dream about the things I could do with my laptop. For years I shared a desktop with the children and occasionally with my husband when he got on two or three times a year. One day, my dream came true.

I still remember the day bringing her home. Yes, her, because I called her "my little girl". She was mine. Everybody knew that she was mine. She was such a part of me that I gave her a name. I named her Tilly. I went so far as to add her as a daughter on my Facebook profile. I know by now you're shaking your head wondering if I had my head examined recently. Rest assure, my head is fine; well, as least that's what I've told myself for years (ha ha).

I've been longing for simplicity and carry out my commitments to the book "7" by: Jen Hatmaker. What I didn't know that my journey to simplicity would entail learning a valuable lesson about myself. You see, I had not died to self (me) the way that I thought I had. It wasn't until some material thing that was so precious to be was no longer there. Soon after, I heard something. Or should I say Someone.

"I'm all that you need Sandra. When you have Me, you have everything."

I wanted a simple life. I wanted to rid myself of excess. I wanted this journey to open my eyes to me and the things deep within me. That's exactly what He did and exactly what He's doing. He's making my life simple...

In recent days I've been reminiscing about the early days of my children's live. The days before I had a computer at all. Those days were so sweet and full of peace. We got up. We ate. We "played" school, but I was really homeschooling; I didn't know it then. I remember the days when I had no idea what was going on in the world because we didn't receive any channels on our television. Those were the days. The days where my stress consisted of a baby teething and why didn't my child eat lunch. I long for those days...

The next journey that I'm going on is a "No Stress" journey. That will be 7 days of no stress. How can that be possible? I'm not sure, but I'm going to find out. For sure that means ridding myself of those things that bring stress. My 7 days of no stress would be easier if I went to Hawaii, but I'm not. I'll let you know how it goes. Not sure when I'll be back on. I'm at the library and my session is about to expire. Until then, take care my friends.

Oh, before I forget, I gave away 7 pieces of clothing.


Berta D said...

Great post. So did "Tily" break? My brain is truly too mangled to attempt simplifying at this time. But I will look to you for encouragement.

Anonymous said...

GIRL!!!! I love reading your blog! I am so pleased as punch.. you are such an encouragement and an inspiration! Praying you get your laptop back!!!

Bible Babe said...

My dear lady--you have no idea how God is using your journey to simplicity to inspire and encourage my own. Thank you for submitting to His leading, and for having the courage to post about it!

Deanna said...

Admire you!

My journey to simplify is overwhelming and I has been really challenging to clean out my closet over the past year.

Still downsizing and thinning out.

With hope I will be in a better place when I am finished.

Lord help!

Trista Laborn said...

Amen to simple living!! Thank you for stopping by!

Sistergirl said...

I have been trying to declutter my closet. It's a shame of how much I do have and its been so hard for me to throw away so much. Some of my things are just worn out.

I am trying to be more minimal.
The Lord always give you great ideas. You are very creative.