Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Hospital Bill

On January 19, Don and I went to Boise because I had to be admitted to the hospital. I've known for months that I would be going into the hospital. The problem I had was the hospital bill because I don't have health insurance. We applied for medicaid, but I was denied because we made too much money. I didn't know that custodian can make too much money.

Don't get me wrong I'm thankful for the job Don has. Actually he has 2. He works full time as a custodian for the church we attend. This job has been a blessing to our family. The church board gave him a raise about a year ago and we are still amazed by their generosity. His other job is part-time custodian as well.

Don and I would lay in bed at night talking and praying about whether or not we should go to Boise. He said yes and I said no. I told him that I feel so guilty knowing that we would be taking on that kind of debt. He told me that I was priceless. He was willing to do what ever he had to to make sure I got proper medical care. He said we are going no matter what and God's going to provide. I said, "Okay, I trust you and I know you love me." Then he started a 21 day fast.

We didn't know how we were going to get down there. We didn't have money for gas and food. The people in our church and the church board were generous to us. We've never seen so many "anonymous" donations in our lives.

The hospital staff at in Boise was amazing. I had to endure a lot while I was there. Having my husband there, knowing that so many people love me and prayers never ceased on my behalf helped me make it through.

While we were there we talked to a financial counselor about financial aid. They couldn't promise us anything, but were willing to work with us on monthly payments, etc. They mailed a financial packet to our home while we were still there. Don was so confident that the Lord was going to provide. I asked him how does he think the Lord is going to provide? Don said he didn't know, but His Word says that He will. Well, I knew that, but I wanted something laid out in front of me because I'm a visual learner. Walking by faith sometimes is so hard for me to do. You'd think I was from the "show me state" because I want to see how it's going to work.

When that hospital bill arrived I was like okay Lord. I called Don and told him that the hospital bill was $11,200. He said, "God will provide." The bill came a second time and we still hadn't heard from financial aid. By this time I'm trying to figure out monthly payments on this bill. Don told me to just put it away and not stress about it and "God will provide."

Got a letter Thursday from the financial aid at the hospital. In big read letters it said that we qualified for full financial aid. I then looked at the balance and it said $0.00. I sat there and looked at it. Read it again. Look at it some more and by this time Don was coming home from work. I showed him the letter and asked him, "Does that say what I think it says?"
He said, "Yes."

We rejoiced!

Sometimes in life we go through things we don't understand, but just know that God is there with you.


Civilla said...

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! \o/ Oh, you won't BELIEVE what I have to type in to get this comment to "take": blestshe!

Can you believe that? You certainly are a "blestshe".

I took a picture of the word verification letters that I am to type in and will try to upload it on my site for a post!! Maybe the spelling isn't perfect, but "she" (meaning you) is certainly "blest"!

Deanna said...

Oh Sandra!

This brought tears to my eyes.
So glad, you shared this on your blog and I got to read it.

So very happy for you,
Deanna from the Kansas Flinthills

Love Abounds At Home said...

Civllia as you know the Lord is so good. I believe that He can use word verification letters to encourage us. Hopefully you'll get it uploaded on your site. Looking forward to seeing it.

Love Abounds At Home said...

Deanna each time I think about it, it brings tears to my eyes as well. It's so nice to hear you say that you are so very happy for me.

Civilla said...

I'll try to get that to you! I thought I e-mailed the picture to you, but guess I didn't do it right.

American Home said...

I needed to read this today. What a blessing.

Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

It is so nice to "meet" you! Thank you for following my little blog.

What a winderful testimony this post is! Thanks for sharing it.

Well Watered Woman said...

Sandra: okay I know we already talked or was it texted about this but coming here and reading it just now literally brought tears to my eyes. Reg and I love you and Don so very much. I am so happy for this blessing and I KNOW it is just the beginning, HEALING COMES in JESUS NAME. Okay I'm crying again, where are my tissues...

ILuvBNaMom said...

What an amazing testimony! I needed to read this because this is an area in my Christian walk that needs to be strengthened. Our family is facing a large hospital bill as well (new babe in the NICU) and I definately needed to be reminded that He will provide! Thank you!

P'Jean said...

That is a beautiful testimony. Thank you for sharing!!