Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dare To Dream

There are times when I'm asked if I'm related to Martin Luther King Jr. Hmmm.....what would give someone that idea? With a smile on my face, I politely say, "No, but my husband is Don King." For those of you who have meet my husband and know the boxing promoter Don King, you should be chuckling by now.

I started thinking about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Then it clicked. Him and I do have something in common. We may not be blood related, but we share something and it's not just our last names. He was a dreamer and so am I.

Often times dreamers are told that they are living in a fairy tale and their imagination is to far fetched to ever come true. A dreamer has the tendency to look beyond the here and now, but see what's ahead. There are times when a dreamer can ask, "Did you see that?" Only to be told no. To top it off, no one around you saw it but you.

We walk away scratching our heads.

Next thing you know the dreamer is at it again. We just can't shake off the feeling we felt while dreaming. Dreaming about watching our children minister to the multitude of people. Leading them into the presence of God as the angelic voice comes from the mouth of your offspring. Standing at the altar as your lad gives an invitation to invite others to give their hearts to Jesus. In awe as you see your younger ones hunger for the Word of God. You get up in the middle of the night because you're awaken by a light. Only to find that they have their Bibles cracked open. Then you hear, "Just one more chapter Mom and then I'll go to bed." Watching the rosebud develop into a beautiful rose right before your eyes. Standing outside on the gravel waving down the street as you see your prodigal coming home. Working side by side as husband and wife in the ministry. Becoming pillars in the local church to carry out the vision God gave your leader.

Yes, I was at it again, dreaming. With one exception, my dreams are reality because I dared to dream!

As we approach the close of an old year and began a new one, I want to challenge you to dream. Some dreams you may not be able to share with others, that's fine. For 2010, I dare you to dream.....


Linda @ Truthful Tidbits said...

Sandra this was a great post. We all need our hopes and dreams.

I love the Susan Boyle performance! Isn't she a great singer?!!

Did you change your profile picture on Facebook? I thought you looked different. At any rate,...You are a beautiful person...inside and out.

Have a great day...and may your dreams come true!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Civilla said...

Oh, that blessed my heart. God has been so good to us, we can begin to dream again! Blessings to you!

Tonya said...

I can see the resemblance to one of MLK's daughters. Beautiful! And thank you for this post because we all need to be reminded to DREAM!

licia31 said...

Thanks, Sandra! We all need the reminder. May we continue to dream & dream big!! Blessings :)

Simple Christian Homemaker said...

I'm a dreamer myself.Let's never stop dreaming. Also, thank you for posting Susan Boyle. I love her singing.

L.H. said... this! Thanks for sharing're so right.

I think when we give up our dreams, life loses its excitement. I don't want that!

Happy New Year!

L.H. said...

btw: I have a "Best Blog Award" for you at my blog. You can stop by for the details!