Thursday, March 25, 2010

His Stamp of Approval

If I count the times I tried to seek approval of man,
The number would be too great for me to comprehend.

There I was running to and fro,
To only be seen during the show.

What show you may say?
You know, the one where everybody wants to be on display.

Spending all night wondering what to wear,
Cause I knew that those women would be there.

Looking at me up and down,
Would I get a nod or would I get a frown?

Yes, this is my little girl you see,
Wearing yet another "homemade" dress made by me.

But why do I bother you so?
Is it really my clothes or my nose?

I understand you're speechless while you think,
Your crossed eyed looks no longer made me sink.

Please take a closer look at me,
Your stamp of approval you will no longer see.

I'm not sure if you've heard what's being said,
But I've applied something from the Word of God that I read.

I had a choice to please God or you,
God I chose because He will always be true.

I can't believe I strive so hard to be a part of your clique,
All the while I felt guilty ignoring the new chic.

Now I free and a bond servant of Christ,
Wearing His stamp of approval feels so right.

~By: Sandra King

This poem is written after reading Galatians 1:10, "For do I now persuade men, or God? Or do I seek to please men? For if I still pleased men, I would not be a bondservant of Christ."

As a woman, I can strive so hard to seek the approval of other women. In doing so, I'm not pleasing God because I can be so focused on pleasing other women. I want to be accepted. It's easy to feel like a chameleon.

If I tried to fit in with a group of ladies that looked down on women with more than two children, I would downplay my desire to have more. My heart would just ache because I was wrong. I remember "hanging out" with some women who bashed their husbands. I sat there and tried to conjure up things about my husband because I wanted to participate in the conversation. Only to have the Lord tap me on the shoulder and let me know that I wasn't honoring Him nor my husband.

I love to fellowship with other women. I'd be the first to hitch a ride and share in the breaking of bread. On one occasion when I did, I came home "tripping." My poor husband and kids didn't know what got into me. I came through the door demanding my rights. I had a right to go out when I wanted to. I had the right to go out and eat when I didn't feel like cooking. I had a right not to give my husband sex when he wanted it. I had no idea that I had a right to make him go months without it and dared him to get it from somewhere else. I had a right to go out and get an education in case Don left me. Not only did I have a right, I was entitled to it.....according to what I heard during the fellowship.

I knew in my heart that in order to please God, I couldn't please man. Trying to get a stamp of approval from others will cause you to live in bondage. Christ has come to set you free. When Christ sets you free, you are free indeed. Free from man pleasing. Get His stamp of approval and be free.


Hishandmaid said...

Well Said, Dear Sister!

JustMe said...

Beautiful poem!

When I was newly married, I fell into that trap of "demanding my rights." Thank God for my forgiving husband. :)

Deanna said...

Dear One,
I'm so glad I stopped by your place and read this. So many times I have fallen prey to doing the same thing...wanting to fit in and be liked...approval be liked...admired...loved.
May we be strong in the Lord!
God bless you and may you have a sweet week-end,

Simple Christian Homemaker said...

Many times I myself, have tried to please man. That was very well said and I'm thankful to have learned that lesson. It's not what people think, it's what God thinks.

Mary R. said...

Oh, man, that is such a good poem and post. Could be me!

Thandi said...

I can't find you-on FB. You could try searching for me lOL.Thandi Nkomo.Let me see if I can click on your button!maybe that will open your profile up...Just spotted below this comment box.If it doesn't know, that i tried to search for you but it came with 2 Sandras that are def not you :)

Anonymous said...

This is Julie B. from Christian Keepers at Home.

Ohh I have done what you described so many times!! I have gotten tripped up by "wanting girl friends" Sure I want girl time but I am more picky.!! The funny thing is you think you are the ONLY ONE that falls for this lol
Thank you so much for posting this!
I am going to add you to my daily blog reads!!


L.H. said...

You are so talented! Thanks for this!