Monday, October 4, 2010

I Didn't Make the List

I shouldn't have been surprised that I didn't make the list, neither should you. The list I'm talking about is CNN's 50 Most Powerful Women. Out of curiosity, I skimmed through the list seeing if I recognized any of the women. Now I'm wondering where I've been because majority of those women I have never heard of.  Just because I've never heard of them, doesn't mean much. After all, they've never heard of me.

How can a woman such as me make a list like that? 

I feel that I'm qualified to some degree. I'm Vice-President of the one of the most powerful and influential companies there is. Maybe next year I can ask the President of the company I work for to nominate me to make the list. He can tell them how hard I work within the company and all the long hours I've spent training the newbies on staff. Just wait until they see the financial spread sheet from last year. They will be wowed by my accounting knowledge. They will marvel at how I kept the company above water without steady income for a whole year and did it without using the companies credit cards. Surely when they find out the company I work for didn't get a bailout, but I still remained loyal to my present employer that would count for something right?

I have no desire to make such a list as that. However, I do want to be powerful in the lives of those in my home and have influence in my community.

My husband constantly reminds me of how valuable I am in our home. I finally came to the realization that he's right. I am valuable. Valuable to my family. I may not have made CNN's list, but that doesn't mean my hard work hasn't gone unnoticed. According to this my annual salary is over $117,000.

But as my husband would say, "You're priceless Honey."

You too my friend are priceless. Don't let society and the mainstream media tell you that you are not valuable. You are. The things you do around your home don't go unnoticed by our Father in Heaven. When you serve your families, do it as unto the Lord.


Mary R. said...

Yes, I think about stuff like this all the time. Homemaking is so devalued today. I notice, however, in the list of qualifications Paul gave for "widows indeed" (those with no extended family to care for her), no mention is given of "having a powerful career outside the home" as being among her good works.

Lady Kara said...

Beautiful. Sometimes it just makes my heart ache to see how much women have been brainwashed right out of their homes. Honestly, though, it doesn't help matters when you see men on national TV complaining that they actually have to support their wives!

Simple Christian Homemaker said...

Posts like that are so encouraging! I feel like there are hardly any ladies around my age(30's) that desire to stay at home. I know that's my ministry and my Father in heaven sees.

L said...

Well said. Love your fall apron too.
L. Rose

Sara said...

This is a great post! Love it! I'm a new follower and it seems we have much in common! ;D

Khaliah said...

I love this post. As a single mother I often wonder have I done enough. My daughter is a great daughter and I have to remember I'm the CEO of my home and that is a HUGE loved the post.