Friday, October 22, 2010

My Son's Encounter

Yesterday I was washing dishes when I heard my son come through the front door huffing and puffing. He has just come from a corporate meeting with the company he works for. He's not part of corporate yet, being only 19 years of age. His hope is to someday make up the ladder with the company he works for. He started out a little over a year ago bagging groceries. My husband encouraged him at that time to move up within a year. He did just that.

The meeting he attended is held once a month. His boss encourages him to attend so that the people in corporate can get to know him. The only problem during this meeting, my son was the only male in attendance. He informed me that the meeting is open to everyone, but it's geared toward women and how women can advance in corporate with this company.

Next word that proceeded from his mouth, "feminist!"

He told me that he couldn't believe what was coming out of the mouths of the women. Over and over again he kept thanking me for educating him about the feminist movement and the dangers that come along with it.

We then proceeded to talking about his wife. He's not married yet, but greatly desires to be one day. Thus the reason for him trying to earn a sufficient living to provide for his future family.

My son walked away from that meeting wondering if he would ever find a young woman who would know the value of her role in the home. Many say he's asking to much from a young woman and that's the reason why he's still single. Perhaps that's the case. Or maybe he's just choosing not to settle. After all, he's very handsome and passionately loves God. He has a job and a car. Best yet, he's never kissed a girl and does not plan on it until after he's married.

By the way, my son said he wants to marry someone who's anti-feminist.

I say hooray for him!

I want to encourage all young women to look into the feminist movement and the history behind it before calling yourself a "feminist." You can search far and wide to find yourself a place in this world. Only to lose yourself by conforming to what someone else says you should be. 


Kela said...

My friend, you know where my family stands on the issue.

I'm thankful that my daughters are pursuing Christ first and relying/waiting on Him to bring the young man into their lives in due season.

As you know, our oldest is 16 (1/2) and sees the folly in a lot of guys her age. She's more than content to wait.

God bless your children as they follow through in God's standard. That's ALL that matters!

Deanna said...

Interesting post.

Your son sounds like a very decent young man.

It seems so many women think they have to perform this way or they won't make it in the workforce. Rough and tough.

God bless you all,

Tasha said...

Praise be to God that he is able to see feminism for what it is. He is right to look for a woman of true worth and value in the Lord. Never settle for less than God's best!!!

Tell him to keep his head up, his eyes on Christ and a heart after God. In due season...

Mary R. said...

Wow. This is really awesome. Love the picture. Your son sounds like a wonderful young man. I have 2 sons. We must pray, that as God brought Eve to Adam, and as Rebekkah was brought to Isaac, God will bring godly wives to our sons.

TMichelle said...

I still have to enlighten my husband on the dangers of feminism in his work. He has unknowingly been a victim of feminists in the past.

Many blessings to your son as he pursues God's will for his life. I am sure the Lord will make it clear who he is to marry. If he is on Facebook please invite him to join the Saving Your First Kiss for Marriage group that I co-administer. We have over 4000 people on it.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Tell him "YES! There are these kinds of young women out there!" And they are dearly hoping to find young men with this vision as well!

Keep up the good work, Mom!

Lady Kara said...

Wonderful post! I truly feel for him. Why does it always seem as though there's always plenty of them and just one of us?! But we serve an Awesome God whose power makes the "plenty of them" look like a grain of sand! Amen and amen!

Thandi said...

I pray that he finds exactly what he's looking for. She will be blessing! I wish there were more young men like him!

Anonymous said...

I left a comment on here last night, but I am not sure what happened to it! Let's see if I can remember what I wrote. . .

I say hooray for your son as well, Mrs. King. I commend him for striving for purity in our polluted generation. He has a man amonst a world full of boys. Most men... even most christian men want "strong, independent working wives" whos hearts are deeply rooted in feminism. It is wonderful to see a young man that can spot biblical womanhood verses the counterfeit. . . I pray that you would hold on tight to him and don't let him go to any woman that doesn't have the charcater that you cleary display. You are truly a beautiful titus 2 woman! I apologize for being MIA, I have taken a break from facebook. . . and a bit from blogger because my whole family is adjusting to a new season. We started a restaraunt and the new schedule is taking some time to get use to! Lord help us!! :) But I will try to slowly start coming back on the scene ;P Sending love from Texas! Blessings to you sweet lady.


P.S- My email address in, if you ever want to reach me there. Oh and thank you for the comment on my latest post.

Marilyn@Inspired Moments said...

Hello my sister in Christ. I just had to laugh when I saw your post. We seem to have these same conversations lately. I have daughters. My oldest is 20. I know she wonders if there are actually Godly young men out there. So, when I see one, I have to remind her, "God has someone special for you."

We are an African-American family living in Northwest Washington and we don't have a lot of acquaintances here. I think that sometimes clouds her vision. Not that she is looking. I believe that she is very committed to waiting for who the Lord places in her way.

Anyway, it makes my heart sing to see young men that are willing to go all the way with their Lord.

I thank you as a mother of sons who have trained well.

Anonymous said...

I could never understand a woman's desire to fend for herself, do everything for herself or want to do everything a man would do. It's not to say that a woman can't be strong yet feminine, but it seems like these feminists now a days just want to be like the men. They want to roll around in the mud like the men, they want to wear suits like the men, they want to be loud like the men. Number 1: where's the fun in that? and number 2: you were made a woman for a reason! I really enjoyed your post. It seems like feminism are on the rise. ESPECIALLY in college. I tell my college friends that i desire to be a wife and mother someday and they all look at me like i'm crazy and they say it's not the 1950's anymore. It's okay though, i don't mind what they say. God's word is what i go by, not society's. I'm glad that there are young men out there who are against the feminist movement. Thank you so much for the encouraging post. :)


sola fide said...

well i must commend y'all for all you do!
it's interesting to read this post because even as you say that you're son ahs been wondering if there are women who know the value of the home, i sit here wondering if there are men who know that same value!

so it's a blessing to hear of your family thank you :)

i'm currently trying to twist my head around overcoming cultural (and family) expectations to get into a university in pursuit of a career. I know i want to be a wife and mother, i just don't quite know how express to my fahter the value i find in this.


and tell your son to be encouraged! God's got him.

Emily said...

It's really encouraging to hear that there are young men out there that have my same mindset. I'm a 19yr. old and I can say he is not asking for too much. There's no sense in lowering your values!!