Friday, December 17, 2010

The Radiator, Submission and an Unexpectant Blessing

What does a radiator and submission have in common? Nothing really. Unless, you consider the fact that through a broken radiator, I had to decide whether or not I was going to submit my will or His.

Early one morning my husband came home and informed me that something was wrong with the car. With a big heavy sigh, I asked him if he let the car warm up. Then I proceeded to tell him 101 reasons why he should have let the car warm up. 

During the night we had one of the coldest nights thus far. The last thing we needed was a car that was broken. We had just brought it. Things were perfect because I was just issued my driver's license after not driving for some time.

Why would this happen?

Surely, if I get up and go down there the car would start. Yes it started, but idled high and over heated right away.

Don and I talked about what we were going to do. We looked at the money we had in the "car" envelope and there wasn't much there. We didn't know what was wrong with it. He had an idea that it was the radiator. Sure enough, it was.

I asked him if he wanted to have it towed somewhere. He said that wouldn't be necessary because he was going to fix it if I would hold the flashlight.

I just stood there. Outside on a cold November morning watching everything encircle me as I played those words over and over again. My husband has never fixed a radiator, at least I didn't think so.

I opened my mouth to ask him if he had ever fixed a radiator, but before I could finish my sentence, he said, "Honey, because you tell me all the time that I can do anything, I believe I can fix this radiator."

*Side Note: Ladies, please tell your husbands how much you believe in them. Other people can tell him that, but what really matters to him is if you believe in him.

We ordered the radiator. The part came in the next day.

We spent the following morning taking the old radiator out. It was a grueling task. I took the word helpmeet to a whole new level. I did manage to keep my cute skirt clean in the midst of it all.

On the third day, we spent another cold morning installing the new radiator. Got it in but the car wouldn't start. By this time, I was cold, tired and frustrated. Surely he would have someone to come fix it or have it towed.....

We came in and talked about our next move. I had a solution to the car problem. The neighbor next door had just gotten her car fixed by the mechanic down the street. She raved about him. A sister from church highly recommended her mechanic. She really trust him.

I presented my solution to take it to either one of these mechanics. He said no because there's no more money left in the car envelope. That was fine because we could use credit. I don't know why he didn't think of that. If only he would really listen to me. Our car problem could be solved in one day.

My husband said no because he felt that wasn't the answer. That was a quick fix and would put us in debt.

At this point not only did God had to control my tongue. He had to control my neck too. I'm a sistah girl from the ghetto. I know how to roll my neck and tell somebody off. I was very good at it BC (Before Christ).

He asked me to trust him in this situation. I panicked on the inside. I did manage to control my tongue and my neck! My flesh hurt though because I wanted to give into it and usurp his authority as head of our home.

It's easy to submit when you agree. It's when you don't agree that shows what you're really made of. I had to decide if I was going to practice what I teach other women to do. Submit, even when you don't want to or when you feel your husband is wrong. During these times, what's in your heart is really exposed.

Was there something in me that needed to be exposed? I had to step back and pray.....

Day four: We went out there trying to figure out what was wrong with the car. I had to remind myself to not only watch what I said, but my body language. (Note: A whole lot can be said without a spoken word. The body language will say it all.)

Day five: We went out there trying to figure out what was wrong with the car. Car didn't start. I suggested that maybe we should have someone come here to look at it verses towing it to a shop.

He looked at me and said, "That's a great idea."

Our friend couldn't come for another 2 days.

He came. He couldn't figure out what was wrong.

I wanted to bring up having it towed again. I heard a still small voice say, "Shhh....."

Laid down that night later than usual. We all had to get up early and ride in my sons cars to church.

My silent prayer, "Lord you said that if we would be faithful, you would open up the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing that we won't have room to receive. You said that men would give unto us. You said that I'm to reverence my husband and submit to him. I really don't understand, but I trust You."

I kept saying, "I trust You...."

I had to go back home. On my way back to church, Don called me and said a couple wanted to talk to us.

When I arrived at church, Don and I talked to the couple. They had just gotten a new car and wanted to give us their old one.

Our mouths dropped! Tears started to flow.....

They gave us a car! No strings attached. A nice car too.

Had I not come under the submission of my husband, even when I didn't agree with him, I would have missed out on what God was trying to teach me. He was teaching me to trust Him. Trust what the Scriptures say about my role as a wife.

Also, one can say that my husband should have just taken it to the shop. He decided to trust what God said in His word to owe no man nothing.

As a wife to my dear husband, I can trust him as head of our home because God is his head. There's safety in and submission. The rewards are great. Just look at my new car.

By the way, I named her Ginger because she's golden and very pretty!

Oh, I forgot to mention that the dealer where we brought our car from is sending their mechanic to our house to look at the broken car. I'll keep y'all updated ;)


Lori said...

Thank you for this story! It helps to know you struggle sometimes too! :-)

Sarah Kirby said...

I was cracking up and crying at the same time! Oh boy could I tell you a story...
Your words about body language touched my heart. My heart and head are usually doing the right thing but, boy, do my balled up fists love sitting on my hips (so much so my 3 year old daughter uses it as her go-to move!) Thanks for a great story of inspiration!

Mary R. said...

What a wonderful testimony!!!

Rachelle said...

Thank You for your encouraging post, it was awesome to read the whole story behind the new car. You are always so encouraging and uplifting.

Nabila Grace said...

Wonderful story...I must admit I giggled uncontrollably at - At this point not only did God had to control my tongue. He had to control my neck too. I'm a sistah girl from the ghetto. I know how to roll my neck and tell somebody off. I was very good at it BC (Before Christ).

Then had tears in my eyes at the end. God is so faithful! :o)

Mrs.Rabe said...

Why is it that we think we know better than they do? :(

Thankfully we can trust the Lord in all things.

Thanks for posting this!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks for that testimony on submission. I needed to be reminded of how it is a blessing in disguise.

God bless!

Mrs. A

Anonymous said...


What an excellent testimony regarding submission! You are right when you state that it's easy to submit to our husbands when we are in agreement, but it takes strong faith in the Lord to submit to our husbands when we don't like their decisions.

At any rate, you have a lovely blog and I have enjoyed visiting you (this is not my first visit, but I beleive it's my first comment). I have decided to follow your blog. You are welcomed to come and visit my blog if you desire. :)


-Lady Rose

~Lisi P. said...

Mrs. Sandra, Thank you for your wonderful testimony. What a reminder to stay in God's presence; no matter what's going on in our lives.

Blessings! Merry Christmas to you & your family.

Marilyn@Inspired Moments said...

My dear Friend,
Thank you so much for your thoughts. I can truly, truly relate. I can reflect back on those times that my mouth wanted to desperately move but then had to realize that my heart had to be in the same place. We can praise Him for those "teachable moments" that He places before us. I am catching up on my blogs and am excited about reading your posts for the past month or so. Thank you so much for sharing.


sola fide said...

incredibly encouraging :)

It's interesting to see submission in such a daily thing, i always sort of pictured it as submitting in the big things.


Lady Kara said...

Hello Sandra,

This was great! Just goes to show that we never know what the Lord has woven into the tapestry pattern of our life.

God bless!

Lady Kara