Friday, May 13, 2011

Glimpse of Our Family

Each month I try to learn something new. This month I learned how to do videos. I was so proud of myself. My husband raved about my video so much that I wanted the world to see it. There's nothing like a man who thinks you're the best at everything you do :)


Sisters Of Honor said...

This is beautiful!!! You done a great job!!!

Anonymous said...

That was absolutely beautiful! I'm so excited to see the man that God has for me, so that one day we'll be able to share the blessing of marriage together. I loved it! It got me so excited for my future. Can't wait to see what God has in store!

God bless


~Lisi P. said...

Beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing. God bless :)

TMichelle said...

Absolutely beautiful! And your grandson, just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing with us.

Lady Of Virtue said...

I love your new header and look- I can feel your warmth and joy.

Sam said...

What a beautiful clip! I was just smiling through all the pictures, you can really see the love. Congratulations with your grandson, he is just adorable. Really awesome to see so much love.

Deanna said...

so proud of you and the video you have made!!! I cannot say I know how to do have done it!

It is neat when we figure this stuff out.
Neat neat neat,