Monday, March 5, 2012

My First Grandbaby Is Now 1 Years Old

I really wished someone had sat me down a year ago and explained to me how becoming a grandmother would change my life forever. 
I heard the cliches about being a grandmother; but what I'm experiencing can't be explained through mere words. 
Maybe that's why others couldn't express their feelings through words. 
The only word that I can use when describing what it's like to be a grandmother is phenomenal!

 This was right after he was born.

His first birthday party!

I feel beyond blessed. My first grandbaby will be a big brother next month.

Whenever he comes over, I always do something fun with him. 
Like silly glasses.
Teaching him how to jump up and down on the couch. 
Yes, my grandbabies can get away with that, but my children never could. 
You won't understand that unless you're a grandmother :)


Needing a Savior said...

Some things I won't understand until I'm a grandmother, but there are sooooo many things my nephews can do that my kids were NEVER allowed to do! LOL

It's amazing that time has gone by so fast!

Happy Birthday big boy!!!!

Mrs.Rabe said...


Anonymous said...

Oh, yes grandkids can get away with things. Like lunch wasn't going to be ready for an hour on Sunday, so we had a cookie while getting it ready to cook! lol

Sharon said...

I totally understand! Being a grandma is sooo great, it is hard to put into words.