Monday, March 23, 2009

What do you see?

Has anyone asked you lately what do you see when you look at your husband? I for one can answer no. It's a question that I do have to ask myself sometimes.

On Wednesday morning of last week I took a look at my husband. I no longer saw him through the eyes of a woman who was abused and rejected on the day her married her. I still remember when he asked me to marry him. I told him I was a mess and he would be taking a big chance by marrying me. He said okay and married me at his own risk. (Now that I think about it, maybe I should have made him sign a waiver. haha) It baffled me until one day when I realized he saw something in me. He was looking at me through a set of eyes that were not his own. He saw me through God's eyes.

When was the last time you saw your husband through God's eyes?

A times I can be so quick to jump up and judge the motives that I think are dwelling within the heart of my husband. He'll respond to something I said not quite how I wanted him to. Or he won't respond at all. Then I have to say to myself that maybe he responded the way he did because he really didn't understand what I was saying. Maybe he's upset and thinks I want him to solve all my problems. At that moment I have a choice to make. I can allow the enemy who's job is to come between us by allowing him to kill the moment and make something out of nothing. Steal the moment by taking away precious time that I can focus on the good that's within my husband. Or cause this to make me bitter and eat away at me for hours or days and eventually destroy what we've built. I choose neither of those. However, I do choose to see the purity that dwells within him.

When I can see the purity that dwells deep within his heart, it allows him to be transparent and open his heart to me. He doesn't have to be afraid of me dwelling there because I'm looking at those good things. I'm looking at the vision that God has given him regarding our family. I can see him wanting to be vulnaralble without appearing weak. Those sweet words of affection for me are hidden there in that secret place. Oh how he wishes he had just the right words to express them. I love dwelling here because this space is so big. I can see so clearly how he views me as a mother and how it saddens him when I'm too hard on myself. His heart rejoices because I'm content with the simple things in life.

As a woman, I'm bombarded with words from others and images from the ads that tell me I need to question his motives. I can't allow anyone or anything to question the motives of his heart. I know his heart because I dwell there. As I'm there dwelling in his heart, I see someone who's familar. I love this place, his heart. Here I get to see him.


Well Watered Woman said...

This was good.

Proverbs 27:19 said...

I'm with ya!


Civilla said...

Oh, yes. That was really good. I will try to remember to see him as God sees him. It's easy to get exasperated with our family members, isn't it?

Tawanna said...

"I can be so quick to jump up and judge the motives that I think are dwelling within the heart of my husband."

Me too! This was a great read. Something I needed to read and learn from. See your husband as God sees him and keep my focus on the vision God has for our family. Wow what a good word!

Lorrie said...

You're so right! I love your posts.
By the way....i LOVE Tamale Pie...but since I'm dieting...I'll have to wait.

Yvonne said...

thanks for the comment on "My Back Door"... I'm curious as to how you found me. I love your blog and your attitude toward your refreshing to see it!


Love Abounds At Home said...

Yvonne I can't remember how I found your blog. I think someone I follow follows you. My memory is not as sharp as it use to be, but I love your blog :)

MOMSWEB said...

God has used you this day to encourage me. I've been blogging about my husband for a few days and your blog is confirmation. May God bless you for blessing me!

Its So Noisy Here said...

I just wanted to take a second to let you know that God led me to this post today, and I was blessed by your words. Our marriage is under attack right now. I must admit that I have not been seeing him through the eyes of God. I have let a judgmental attitude prevail.

Thank You for allowing God to use you, so that we could be blessed!