Friday, June 12, 2009

Be Still My Soul

On June 30th we will be moving to the Vancouver, Washington area. These past two weeks have been very unsettling because WE have been trying to connect the dots to make this transition smooth. The other day was one of the hardest days we've experienced since moving to Lewiston. And we've had some hard days. It seemed as though the dots just weren't connecting. I started to get this knot in my stomach because it is a big move. It's a faith move.

Then I started thinking about how God has never let us down. I needed to change the way I was looking at this move. Yes, it is a faith move, but God is positioning us for our destiny. Although we love it here in Lewiston. The people in Lewiston/Clarkston are phenomenal, but we feel as though we are suppose to move. Right now we are still in the midst of the transition, but in a later post I will go into more details.

The dots are starting to connect without us doing much of the work. Last night Don and I came up with this great plan for a business. We are ready for the open doors of ministry. I can't wait to share in the upcoming months all the things going on behind the scene.

I just had to tell my soul to be still. So what ever you're going through today, just tell your soul to be still.
*Turn off the music on the sidebar and be blessed.


Lorrie said...

Thank you for sharing this post. My friends and I at church are in intense prayer this weekend and I'll be praying for peace, clarity and discernment for you and your family.
and Peace!

beautiful video.

Mommy Saves ALOT!!! said...

I know everything will be alright. Don't worry. Hope all is well.

SILVIA said...

what a great post.i know everything will workout just find and for the best, you know when something feels right in your heart..i wish you the best move ever, i wish i could do the same someday(move out of here)..
thinking of you and your family and good luck and happy memories wherever you go...xx


Melissa Norton said...

That's kinda how my family and I are feeling as well. This is our first ever move... and that in itself is big! Since we weren't able to get the house we though was perfect for us, we are kinda in a scramble to find another one before our house gets sold. My sister is afraid of us becoming homeless! lol or having to live in the camper. Boy would that be interesting....
My mom keeps praying for a miracle on the other house... God has a habit of making me frustrated, then blowing me away with something I didn't think possible... so perhaps we will get our house after all....
But anyway, I'll be prying for your family, finish packing, find a home, and have a safe travel (I heard Trae was driving! ;P lol)

Domestically Inclined said...

What an exciting opportunity! And it was on my heart to share Be still and know the He is God with someone else just now, and I see God has already shared it with you. Looking forward to hearing all that God is doing in your lives. March on!

Sisters Of Honor said...

You know the sisters and I will be praying for you and your family.

Mrs. White said...

What a precious post! Telling your soul to be still? Precious!! It is just a journey, a call, a chance to be a missionary through the travel.
May it go well and peaceful.
Mrs. White in Vermont

licia31 said...

I am uplifting you guys in prayer. My Pastor always says, "We need to act as children do when riding in the car. Sit back & enjoy the ride."

God is working on all the details & He is already in Vancouver, Washington laying the foundation for you!!!

Mary at Civilla's Cyber Cafe said...

It was fun talking to you today, Sandra!!! Praying for you!

Deanna said...

Dear One,
You are off to a big adventure.
May everyday be fantastic!

Just get to take all of us with you! Through blogland, we're just a second away.

There is no distance in prayer. I just said a prayer for you in Jesus Name. God Bless you all. He's faithful.

It will be such fun to read about your move and all that goes with this.


ps I thiink I've moved 17 times since being married and I think I have another move in me somewhere deep down inside!!!!

Living, Loving @ Laughing said...

I really love your site, beautiful writings from your heart, I facebook too...Rest in the Lord!

Thandi said...

As someone who'll also be moving soon, I empathise! May it all go weithout any hitches!

MOMSWEB said...

Funny how I dropped by to visit on the day of your move. Blessings to you in your transition.

Gigi said...

Oh my heart... thank you for sharing this song and the encouragement to tell my soul to be still. I needed that... Bless you sister.