Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Presence

The Presence

I kept hearing whispers in the night.
Oh who can it be, who can it be?
But when I arose there was no one in sight.

My heart did not pound in fear,
But I knew there was a Presence near.

"What is it You want from me?" I asked.
Oh who can it be, who can it be?
For Your presence I can not see.

Then this loud voice I heard,
Without this Presence saying a word.

"Is that my name I hear you call?"
Oh who can it be, who can it be?
"Yes," You say, "because I want to hear it all."

"I don't know what to say,
But such a peace has come my way."

You tell me not to hurry
Oh, who can it be, who can it be?
And that time shouldn't be a worry.

"But, I don't want this time to end.....
Will You come here again?

~By: Sandra M. King

I was inspired to write this after an experience I had one night. How many times does the Lord want to have intimate time alone with us? Just as in a marriage relationship, at times intimacy takes place long after the day is done. One thing God really showed me is that intimacy is not rushed. So often intimacy can be rushed because we may feel uncomfortable. If we are not used to His presence or being intimate with our spouse, it can cause some feelings of discomfort. At times when we are given a choice to engage in intimacy, we shy away from it because we become vulnerable. We have to let our guard down and that means exposing things that are deep within us. So we hold back, from God and our spouses.

When day started to break and the sun was rising from the mountain top, I was faced with something else. I knew that at any moment the kids would wake up and I needed to embrace them as I do every morning. I asked the Lord if He would come here again. I didn't hear God say anything. I thought about it for a moment, and wondered.....I shouldn't ask Him if He would come here again. Of course He would, if I allowed Him to.


Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful poem, Mrs. King! And what an amazing experience to have had:)

Living, Loving @ Laughing said...

Simply beautiful .....I love being in the presence of God, such peace and so much liberty .....have a blessed day !

Sisters Of Honor said...

Just beautiful. Have a wonderful day.

Deanna said...

Blessings to you, Sandra!
So pleased that it's Friday. Ready for the week-end, for sure.

The feeling or sensing God's presence is like none other. The peace is calming and healing.

Many times when my husband and I are talking about the things of God, Holy Spirit's presence becomes present and we know it. Truly peaceful and quiet.

Not all Christians experience this and I'm not saying we're better Christians than others, but for reasons unknown, God makes His presence known to some like this. It is a gift beyond human words.

You are a blessed woman and wouldn't you rather have this time sensing God's Holy Spirit than going shopping or chatting with ________________________(fill in the blank)?

I'm so glad you have shared your post.

Tasha said...

What more can be said? The Presence of the Lord is indescribable and real!!!!


Persuaded said...

I love how you equate intimacy with the Lord to intimacy between married folk... it is just that, just as sweet and fulfilling, but so often we are embarrassed by that thought (especially in this s*x crazed society we live in!)

wonderfully sweet post, sandra♥

L.H. said...


Civilla said...

Praise the Lord, Sandra! God bless you this day!

Lorrie said...

I have a little something for you on my blog...I know you're moving and all but I wanted to give you this award. You're a blessing. Peace, Comfort and strength in this time of moving!

MOMSWEB said...

May God bless you for blessing me.

Deanna said...

May you have a sparkling 4th of July!

God bless,

Tricia said...

Very nice post. And that poem is beautiful. Wow, I really like it.

Deborah said...

What a beautifl post. So many times I'm awakened by that presence and just go and bask in it. That happened to me this morning.

I'm doing some blog surfing today through Laced with Grace and have thoroughly enjoyed my visit here.